She was the last person who could remember a world she was never part of

C2 orbits poster
Architecture and Its Orbits
C2 5 pl 20
Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971
C2 holocene poster 3
In the Holocene
C2 nnt poster2
Paul Chan. New New Testament
C2 koons cover sketch 6
Jeff Koons – A Retrospective
C2 2013 ci poster 2
2013 Carnegie International
C2 gw
Wade Guyton Guyton\Walker Kelley Walker
C2 rhoades poster alt
Jason Rhoades, Four Roads
C2 efa poster 5
EFA Project Space
C2 1 2 croppped
James Lee Byars ½ An Autobiography
C2 dfn 2013 shapes
Dia Fall Night
C2 c2 jv bookshelf 2
J. Parker Valentine, Fiction
C2 aldrich poster 2
Richard Aldrich
C2 photo 1
Tony Matelli – A Human Echo
C2 photo
On Democracy by Saddam Hussein
C2 k r k studio image
Carnegie Identity Guide
C2 catch lettering 2
Catch As Catch Can
C2 a promise is a cloud erin shirreff sculpture for snow metrotech center brooklyn gino leslie 1
A Promise Is a Cloud
C2 tornado large adjusted
Michael Sailstorfer, Tornado
C2 11711 dia 019 a
Koo Jeong A, Constellation Congress
C2 cattelan poster 3
Maurizio Cattelan: All
C2 language is wild poster
Shannon Ebner, Language Is Wild
C2 frp poster
F.R.P. Beverly Semmes
C2 fox poster
Fox typeface
C2 km poster
Knight’s Move
C2 kelley walker poster4
Kelley Walker
C2 quickdead poster 2
The Quick and the Dead